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Conditions Treated


This is a consulation practice and we address chronic conditions that are difficult to treat and acute conditions for which you seek an integrative or anthroposophic holistic approach.  We are not a conventional primary care practice and recommend that you have a primary care physician that can provide care for emergencies and afterhours.   

Here are some of the conditions we treat: 

· Fatigue

· Hypertension

· Migraines

· Insomnia

· Digestive disturbances

· Cancer treatment support

· Asthma and Allergies

· Anxiety

· Depression

Acute conditions such as: 

· Colds and flu

· Sinusitis

· Ear aches

Children’s learning and behavioral difficulties

Developmental Delay

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Guided Meditation

  In my practice I often recommend an embodied form of meditation.  This is a meditation guided by Thomas Hübl to synchronize awareness and perception. Thomas guides the meditation for 12 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of silence during which you are invited to meditate on your own. The sound of a cymbal ends the meditation